Turnkey Fire Protection Solutions

AgniJeet is a Turn-Key Contractor for Fire Proofing & Fire Stopping.
We also provide Fireproofing Consultancy services.
Having Fireproofed more than 1 Million SqFt area, we offer you The Most Economical solution for your specific requirement.

Steel Fire Proofing is our major area of focus. AgniJeet has expertise in handling various methods of Steel Fire Proofing; including Vermiculite (also known as Cementatious/SFRM), Intuscent Fire Paints, Fire Resistive Boards, etc.

We can even offer a custom-mix of them as the optimum economical solution for your specific requirement.


Total Turn-Key Solutions for ALL the various Fire Protection needs within a Server Room.

Our End-2-End Services:

  • Fire Stopping Solutions - For Cables (electrical & data), Cable Trays, Shaft Openings etc.
  • Fire Suppressant Solutions - Aerosol based Automatic Standalone Cartridges (similar to, but much economical & efficient than FM-200).
  • Fire Proofing Solutions - For Steel, Wood, Fire Rated Partitions / Walls, HVAC Ducts etc.


This is a Clear-Coat Fire Retardant Paint that can retain the original grains & texture of wooden surfaces. It can be applied on ANY flammable surfaces (painted surfaces, fibre insulation, PU foam, etc.) to upgrade it to the highest safety Class I level.

A single pack product with very low VOC, it could be easily applied with minimum labour skills.


FM & IEC (IEC 60331 and 60332) approved Cable Fire Retardant Paints (Intumescent). Our Cable Fire Retardant paints are very durable and can be used both for internal & external Cables & Cable Trays.

Cornerstone can support you in Fireproofing Blankets for Cable Trays also.


AgniJeet promotes a wide array of Environment Friendly GREEN Rated products. Using these products in your GREEN buildings would aid in Credit Contributions for LEED or any recognized Green Building Rating Systems. Check the detailed document to understand how our products could help in gaining LEED credits.


Gypsum / Vermiculite based Fire Mortar Sealants that are most Economical & Easy to Use.

Fire Stop Sealants compartmentalizes fire & smoke within a defined enclosed area (ducts). They are a MUST in evey high rise building. We deal in Intumescent Fire Sealants & Pillows also.


HVAC ducts themselves must provide the same level of fire rating afforded by the wall or floor of the zone. Any duct system that is intended to operate or has a special use under a fire condition and cannot therefore utilize fire dampers will require to be fire rated.

AgniJeet offers both Ablative Fire Proofing Paints and Fire Rated Boards as HVAC Duct Fire Proofing Solutions.


Check out our detailed F.A.Q sections for answering all your queries regarding Fire Proofing and Fire Proofing for Steel, Wood, Cable, Fire Door, Fire Seal, HVAC, Fire Stopping, Fire Proofing, Server Room Fire Protection, etc.

Each page also has a specific FAQ section. Click on the links below to view more.


2 Hr Fire Rated Steel (SS and GI), Wood, Glass & Acoustic cum Fire Rated Doors with Accessories.

Every building above 3 floors should mandatorily have Fire Doors in all public exit doorways. They help in guiding the traffic as well as cutting off fire & smoke from entering into a defined safe zone.

AgniJeet has expertise in handling all these various Fire Proofing & Fire Stopping.
Contact us for any clarifications you may require.