The main reason for Fire accidents in any building is due to Short Circuit of power cables in Electrical Panels.

As per the revised NBC (National Building Code of India, Part 4: Fire and Life Safety) it is now mandatory to protect All Electrical Panels by using Fire Suppressant Systems. Water sprinklers cannot be used in Electrical Panels. Even clean agent solutions CANNOT be used as there would be ionized (charged) residues from these suppressants; they could act as channels for electrical power conduction thus increasing the possibilities of further sparks, flashovers and fire.

The best solution to prevent fire in an electrical panel is to use 3rd-Gen Aerosol Suppressant System for localized Fire Suppression (inside the electirlca panel). Aerosol Suppressant System comes in both standalone canisters and electrically connected system (with alarms).

AgniJeet offers Very Economical Package for Aerosol Suppressant System using the best MNC brands in the market. We could custom design a solution for your particular Electrical Panel / DG Room.
You DON'T even have to Shutdown the Electrical Power while our Expert Team carry out the Fire Protection of your Electrical Panels! Ask Us How

Aerosol Suppressants
No Mess Even After Fire!

The aerosol particle size is less than 2 microns; which means there are absolutely No Residues that would accumulate on the equipment surfaces. Which also means there is absolutely NO Risk of any flashover or further sparks due to conduction of electrical charges through ionized residues. It will NOT cause any kind of damage to the equipment.

Even after a fire incident, the environment will be as clean as before and the equipment will Continue to Run as if nothing has happened at all!
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(Most Advanced Technology)

Best in Class
No Piping. No Pressure Chambers.

Our systems use the latest generation of FPC Solid Compound, which consists of potassium salts. Upon activation FPC solid compound is transformed into a rapidly expanding extremely effective and efficient fire extinguishing condensed aerosol.

Fire extinguishing is accomplished by the interruption of chemical chain reactions occurring in the flame. Fire Suppression system will automatically extinguish fire without the need of human intervention.
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('Fit it and Forget it' System)

Zero Environmental Impact
Zero Global Warming Potential Too

The best thing about Aerosol Fire Suppressant system is that there is absolutely No need for any maintenance (or even regular checkups) of any kind, at least for 15 years! It is a Fit it and Forget it System that is 100% self sufficient.

Also the Aerosol Fire Suppressant do not contain or releasae any kind of toxic / hazardous gases. It will not cause any kind of Ozone depletion and has got Zero Global Warming Potential. 100% safe for man, equipment & environment.
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A small fire in critical facilities such as Electrical Panel / DG Room can result in catastrophic loss by interrupting vital operations and damaging high-value equipment.

AgniJeet are specialists in the protection of all types of Electrical Panels, Dg Rooms, Data Centers, Server Rooms, Computer rooms, Operation Theaters, etc.

We offer End-to-End and Comprehensive Fire Protection for Electrical Panels / DG Rooms that takes care of ALL possible Fire Protection Solutions in line with International Fire Codes.

3rd-Gen Aerosol Suppressants
(as per NFPA 2010)
(HALON Alternative Gases like FE-25, FE-36, NOVEC, INERGEN, HALOTRON, HFC-125, etc.)
1 Rugged stainless steel body construction of all parts. On releasing it is composed of solid particles of 2 micron size and hence behaves like a gas. Storage cylinders are prone to corrosion particularly in humid environment. Large cylinders are required which are prone to corrosion. Powder storage bottles/containers are prone to corrosion. Storage tank , pipelines and pumps are prone to corrosion
2 Easily transportable and easily reconfigured for change in protection requirement. Relatively heavy. To reconfigure requires additional piping, nozzles, valves. Heavy bottles - difficult to transport. Reconfiguration is difficult. Difficult to transport as heavy . Difficult to reconfigure as will need additional pipe, nozzles. Transportation difficult as heavy parts. Difficult to reconfigure .
3 Suitable for type A,B and C fires Suitable for Type A, B and C fires. Some gases are not very effective on Type B. Suitable for A, C fires Suitable for Type B, C fires Suitable for Type A fires only
4 Rapid fire extinguishing action Quite good action time. Relatively slow action Slow action - depends on layout Slow action
5 Being 10 to 14 times more effective than other suppresents small quantity of Stat-X /FirePro is required Large cylinders/containers are required to hold the required quantity of gas for a particular application Large number of heavy and big cylinders are required to store the required quantity of Co2. Requires relatively large powder storage container as well as propelling gas cylinders. Large storage tank for sufficient capacity water is required
6 Occupies no space as usually mounted on the side walls or ceiling of the space being protected. Required space for storing the bottles, valves Requires a very large storage space for the cylinders, associated control and valves Requires large space for powder container and gas bottles Space required for housing the pumps, valves and control systems
7 No pipings and nozzles required for delivery of Stat-X /FirePro Requires Pipes and nozzles for delivery. Requires Pipe and nozzles for delivery Requires pipes and nozzles for delivery Requires pipes and sprinkers, nozzles for delivery
8 Suppresses fire by interefering with chemical chain which causes flame formation hence fire is controlled even if oxygen level is high, temperature is high and combustible material is present.
Suppression is additionally provided by the nitrogen generated and cooling effect.
Suppresses fire by cooling effect.
In case protected space temperature rises above the designed temperature before the gas is released there may be limited effect .
Suppresses fire by lowering the oxygen level. Risk of ignition if fresh air ingress takes place. Suppresses the fire by starving fire of oxygen and some cases chemical action Suppresses fire by removing heat.
9 In normal state there is no active Chemical or pressure in the Stat-X /FirePro Generator - so very safe to store and handle Gas cylinders are under pressure in normal condition.There is risk of leakage. In normal state Co2 cylinders are under high pressure. Thus there is always risk of leakage. In normal state there is risk of the chemical forming lumps due to atmospheric humidity -
10 When released the aerosol leaves no residue on the surfaces thus has no impact on electronic equipments, servers operating in the space Will adversely impact PCB and electronic circuitry in a limited way. It is corrosive in nature in humid conditions. Due to cooling effect when being released moisture condensation on equipments may occur and cause damage. It accumulates on the area where released - this causes damage to equipment and difficult to clean Will damage papers, electrical , electronic equipments. Much collateral damage occurs.
11 In designed amounts is safe for personnel caught in the space where it is released Potential release of Envornmentally Harmful substances Personnel will suffocate due to lack of oxygen Harmful if ingested by breathing or otherwise Hot vapours are generated when fire has taken hold.
12 In presence of fire does not break down to generate Harmful substances Breaksdown to give harmful by products
13 Post extinguishing of fire, it remains suspended for over an hours thus prevending risk of re-ignition Limited risk of re-ignition Risk of re-ignition present Risk of re- ignition present
14 Easy to ventilate and make re-entry Careful re-entry due to risky condition created by water
15 No maintenance required for 10 years. Regular maintenace and pressure testing of bottles required Regular expensive maintenance required. Pressure testing of bottles required Regular maintenance and testing of gas bottles required. Chemicals to be tested for quality condition Pumps , pipelines, valves require regular maintenance and repair.
16 Very cost effective for the area and period it provides protection . Almost 30% cheaper than the nearest alternative.
Post activation re-activation is very simple, easy and quick - leaving the protected space safety restored promptly post activation.
Installation cost and maintenance cost is high. Post activation re-activation is expensive and time consuming Installation cost, maintenace cost and refill cost post activation is very expensive Powder replacement, maintenace cost are high. Recurring cost is high due to maintenance , repair of pipes, pumps, nozzles and valves
17 Zero Ozone Depletion potential and Zero Global Warming Potential Some of them have Ozone Depletion potential and Global Warming poterntial Global warming potential
18 Transportable by air, no production bottleneck , not expected any significant price rice in USD term Transportation by air is not possible in sizeable quantity, there is worldwide production bottleneck causing frequent increase in prices. Prices are rising.

Fire is the last thing you would want in a critical facility like Server Room, Electrical Panel, DG Room, etc. The two areas of major Fire Risk are:


In many cases fires happen when today’s hot-running and overcrowded server racks and enclosures fall prey to faulty electrical connections, short circuits, power surges, malfunctioning power supplies and electrical arcing. Our 3rd-Gen Aerosol Suppressant System [Stat-X /FirePro brand] are the ideal solution for localized Fire Suppression within the cabinet itself.


Battery Racks present a significant fire risk. Heavy Duty Stat-X /FirePro Automatic Fire Suppression Cartridges could be installed around the partitions /nearby structures pointing towards the battery racks so that in the event of any fire incident, it could be immediately suppressed there itself. However, care should be taken to imemdiatly cut off the power supply.

AgniJeet offers End-to-End and Comprehensive Fire Protection for Server Rooms that takes care of ALL possible Fire Protection Solutions:


  • Fire Rated Doors.
  • Fire Mortar for sealing shaft openings.
  • Fire Sealants for cables penetrations.
  • Cable Fire Retardant Paints


  • Stand-alone Thermal /Electrical actuated Catridges
  • In-cabinet stand-alone Catridges
  • Wall-mounted stand-alone Catridges
  • Electrically activated Catridges


  • Fire Proofing Paints for Steel, Wood & Cable
  • Fire Rated Partitions /Walls
  • HVAC Duct Fire Retardant Paints
  • Intumescent, Vermiculite, Fire Boards, etc.

Thermal Activated Atomatic Execution.
The Stat-X /FirePro fixed system is an aerosol based innovative, cost-effective and ecologically safe solution for rapid fire extinguishing and protection of high value enclosures. It has zero ozone depletion, zero atmospheric life, and insignificant global warming potential. Thermally operated units are used as stand-alone fire suppression for smaller enclosed spaces. The units are fitted with an thermal actuator (at 158°F/70°C) that functions as a fixed temperature heat detector.
For optimal Fire Protection for your server room, we need to install small Stat-X /FirePro units inside each of the server panel so that in the event of a fire inside a particular server panel, that particular Stat-X /FirePro unit alone will be triggered and the fire will be suppressed immediately and there itself.
Also we need to install bigger Stat-X /FirePro units as mounted on the walls so that any bigger fire could also be suppressed and controlled.
A similar option is also availiable as an Electrically Controlled Equipment.

Of course YES!
National Building Code of India (IS 1642:1989) mandates fire-resistance ratings for structural elements for various building types. This concept is derived from the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) codes which are globally followed.

In National Building Codes (NBC), it is clearly mentioned that:
The technical interpretation of fire safety of buildings is to convey the fire resistance in the building in terms of hours when subjected to a fire of known intensity. Should a fire occur, the construction would not further tend to spread the fire. In order to reduce the spread of fire, it is necessary that:
a) the fire should not spread rapidly from one room to another through the floors, partitions between rooms, and particularly between rooms and passages and staircases, that is the structural elements should have adequate fire resistance; and
b) the materials which are exposed to possible ignition, that is, wall and ceiling linings should not easily ignite, nor should the fire spread rapidly over the surface of the material From the above “bolded” statements it is evident that NBC calls for Passive Protection for structural members. Active Fire protection using fire hydrants and sprinklers cannot give fire resistance to the structural elements in terms of hours. Only Passive Fire Protection can provide adequate fire resistance for the structural elements as recommended in the above extracts from the National Building Codes (NBC).

Serial No 12 of Table 1 (Fire Resistance of Structural Elements) refers to Roof Construction. All structural elements below 6.7 meters explicitly call for fire proofing.
Even for structural elements above 6.7 meters the requirement on fire proofing must be discussed in the light of the type of building and fire engineering perspective. Fire engineering advices adequate fireproofing to ALL Structural Steel members so as to averse any potential risks in the future.

While NBC is the code that is followed in India, there are two major international standards that every quality Fire Proofing material are tested and approved of:
• British Standard – BS 476 Part 20 & 21
• American Standard – UL 263 (for cellulosic fire) and UL 1709 (for hydrocarbon fire)

Care should be taken to use only those fire proofing products that are tested to the above credible international standards.

Our Expertise is in installing all the required Fire Protection Systems without the need for Shutting Down any equipment. The minimum level of furniture rearrangement might be required.
However, we design the systems in such a way that a total Power Shut Down should be avoided to the maximum possible extant.
All the products we use are environmentally friendly and causes no kind of disturbance or hazzard to man or material.
Having said that, your full fledged corporation is greatly expected..:)